In an effort to support local nonprofit organizations expand their efforts, increase their impact, and advance their unique mission and vision to achieve success, the Lander Community Foundation introduced the Open Grant Program in the Fall of 2011. 

Grant Program Overview

The Lander Community Foundation awards grants of up to $1,500 annually. Grants are awarded to local nonprofits that demonstrate a compelling need and the capacity to achieve their stated project.

The 2019 grant cycle application will be due January 16, 2019.

If you have questions regarding our grant program or the application, please email

Previous Grant Awards

Open Grant Awards for 2016

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On February 10, 2016, 13 Lander nonprofits benefited from the community's generosity in the form of grants from the Lander Community Foundation. Collectively, they received $13,200.

Out of 22 applicants, the LCF found the following organzitions had both "compelling need and significant local impact:" Lander Children's Museum, Fremont County Symphony Orchestra, Injury Prevention Resources, Wind River Development Fund (MakerSpace 307), Lander Chamber of Commerce, Help for Health, Lander Community Concert Association, First Stop Help Center, Museum of the American West, Lander Pet Connection, Promoting Arts in Lander Schools, Friends of the Lander Library and the Lander Care & Share Food Bank.

The LCF funds came from a small percentage of the annual fundraising efforts of the Lander Challenge for Charities.

Over the past five years, the Open Grant Program has awarded a total of $47,950 in the form of 55 grant awards to local organizations.

Open Grant Awards for 2015

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The Lander Community Foundation announces grant awards to local charitable organizations providing programs and services to Lander-area residents.

“The Lander Community Foundation is thrilled to support 17 organizations with awards totaling $15,000. This is an increase of $7,000 from last year’s grant awards,” explained foundation board member Andy Gramlich.

Winning organizations include the following:

  1. Central Wyoming Climber’s Alliance

  2. Expedition Yellowstone

  3. First Stop Help Center

  4. Fremont County Orchestra

  5. Friday Backpack Program

  6. Help for Health

  7. Injury Prevention

  8. Lander Art Center

  9. Lander Chamber of Commerce

  10. Lander Children’s Museum

  11. Lander Community Concert Association

  12. Lander Pet Connection

  13. Museum of the American West

  14. Promoting Arts in Lander Schools

  15. Lander Valley Special Olympics

  16. Wind River Institute’s Maker Space 307

  17. Wind River Farm to Plate

Out of 23 applicants, chosen organizations demonstrated a compelling need and the capacity to achieve their project. The projects varied widely from opening a Lander-based hospice resource center, supporting the weekend food program for school-age students and their families, importing musicians to participate in the Fremont County Orchestra concerts to opening a new studio space for local artists.

“This year we were able to increase the total dollar amount and the number of recipients from 11 organizations to 17. These funds will have a far reaching, positive affect in our local community,” noted board member Leslie Calkins. These funds were largely provided by the Challenge for Charities Community Challengers whose generous donations sponsored the matching fund pool and the Open Grant program. Most notably Fremont Therapy and Fremont Toyota’s platinum-level sponsorship allows this grant program to make a highly meaningful impact in Lander.

January 2014 9 nonprofits received a total of $8,000:
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Care and Share Food Bank $1,000: Funds willpurchase food.
First Stop Help Center $1,000: Funds will assist clients in paying, on a one-time basis, utilities, rent or other housing costs in order to enable the clients to stay housed and build a financially independent, stable life.
Help for Health Hospice Care $500: Funds will train Hospice and Transition volunteers.
Injury Prevention $1,000: Funds will buy infant and child car seats.
Lander Art Center $1,000: Funds will expand education program.
Lander Children’s Museum $250: Funds will build a bubble exhibition.
Lander Library Friends Association $1,250: Funds will buy equipment for the Carnegie Room.
Lander Pet Connection $1,000: Funds will spay and neuter animals.
PALS (Promoting Arts in Lander Schools) $1,000: Funds will be used in the Visiting Artist Program that brings artists into the classroom K-12 grades.

January 2013, 11 nonprofits received a total of $7,500:
In January 2013, the Lander Community Foundation supported 11 local organizations with a total of $7,500, an increase of over $3,000 from 2012. Out of fifteen applicants, chosen organizations demonstrated a compelling need, broad impact on the Lander community, and a clear plan to achieve their goals. The projects varied widely from providing essential training for hospice volunteers to continuing an important spay and neuter program. The 2013 grant supports exciting classroom-based and extracurricular education opportunities, printed trail maps to improve safety on area mountain biking trails, funds for the Fremont County Orchestra to import key musicians for a spring concert, and many other unique community programs.The following organizations received funding in January 2013:

Help for Health Hospice Care
• Injury Prevention
• Fremont County Orchestra
• Lander Art Center
• Lander Children's Museum
• Lander Cycling Club
• Lander Skate and Bike Park
• Lander Valley Education Fund
• Lander Pet Connection
• Museum of American West
• PALS (Promoting Arts in Lander Schools)

In January 2012 the following local organization received grant funding:

  • Lander Friends of the Library $500 award for the Book Nook (used book retail shop) relocation

  • Lander Art Center $1,500 award for the youth and adult education program

  • Lander Pet Connection $1,000 award for the spay and neuter program

  • PALS (Promoting Arts in Lander Schools) $1,500 award to host world-renowned artist and mathematician Dick Termes to work with grades 4 through 12 on the connection between art and geometry